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Bold What’s True

you are in college (university) 
you are female 
you have a pretty good idea of what you want to do with your life 
you are short (under 5’4) I am 5’4
you text a lot
you are single
you like a lot of different kinds of music 
you are close with your mom
you don’t have a job 
you have a horrible fear of bees 
you have quite a few guilty pleasures 
you don’t have many scars 
you stay up late 
you dye your hair
you enjoy iced coffee
you drink occasionally 
you like to shop 
your grades are fairly good 
you are lazy 
you prefer facebook to myspace
you are paranoid
you have a dog 
you would consider going to law school 
you would consider plastic surgery of some kind
you are somewhat superstitious 
your first name is short (4 letters or less) 
you have/had a piercing other than ears 
you are not very athletic 
you watch a lot of television I download tv shows
you read a lot 
you get nervous easily
you have blue eyes 
you are disorganized 
you feel that you are friendly 
you donate time or money to charitable organizations
you don’t hear very well
you are pale
you have a tumblr 
people ask for your advice 
& you also ask for advice a lot 
you like sushi 
you’ve been out of the country 
you have a food allergy 
you sleep with a stuffed animal 
summer is your favorite season
your birthday is in the spring
your parents are divorced 
you have moved multiple times 
people think you are funny
but you have a weird sense of humor 
you carry a purse
you think a lot 
you meditate 
you seem shy, but only when you first meet someone 
you like parties
something on your body hurts right now
you have a sensitive nose 
you often have strange dreams 
you are a bit on the hyper side

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Casa Batllo, Barcelona (by Moyan_Brenn)
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Guys you really should stop rebloging posts which say “iman ali (AS)” if your going to reblog one of the posts at least take “(AS)” off. It should be (RA) or nothing at all. Maasalama.

Or check if it’s authentic, it’s probably, most likely not

And it should not be ‘imam’ either.

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